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Joby Aviation is a California-headquartered transportation company developing and manufacturing an all-electric, vertical take-off and landing aircraft which we intend to operate as a commercial passenger aircraft beginning in 2024. We have spent more than a decade developing and testing our zero-emissions aircraft that will travel 150+ miles on a single charge, enabling a pilot and four passengers to leapfrog over the congestion below at speeds of up to 200 mph.

Our long term vision is to build a global passenger service that saves a billion people an hour every day, while helping to protect our precious planet. As well as strategic partnerships with Toyota and Uber, we have a team of more than 800 engineers and experts working to bring aerial ridesharing to our skies.

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Investor Relations
T: 831-201-6006

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Joby Aviation, Inc.
2155 Delaware Ave
Suite 225
Santa Cruz , CA 95060